Living in an ever-changing world with increasing competitions like today, a Bachelor Degree is no longer a guarantee of jobs. It has, in fact, become a basic requirement in job seeking process. Employers today are looking for candidates with proactive and positive working attitude, continuous self-learning spirit and good crisis management. However, it is well-known that the “Spoon Feeding” education system in Hong Kong, in which textbook knowledge and grading are the mere focuses, is unable to fulfill the expectations of today’s employers. This system has ignored the development of students’ analytical thinking, practical ability and learning attitudes. In response to the needs of the society, HKUE has brought in the overseas education systems into Hong Kong.

We use Diversified and Practical Studying Approaches: Putting theory into practice helps train students’ creativity as well as analytical and logical thinking abilities. This approach assures that students’ potentials are well explored and thoroughly developed, making them ready to build their own future.

We focus on Holistic Education
: HKUE promotes holistic education. We equip students with positive attitudes and self-learning spirit so that they are ready to face today’s diversified challenges and to survive in an increasingly competitive environment.