Scholarship Scheme
HKUE offers students a number of scholarships, awards and bursaries on the basis of academic and non-academic merits.

The University of Tasmania & HKUE Joint Scholarship and Bursary 
The University of Tasmania, in collaboration with HKUE, awards a full amount Joint Scholarship and Bursary to two students of Bachelor of Business with outstanding performance in their academic results, attendance records and overall aspects throughout their programmes of study.

We select three of the most outstanding students in their academic performance from each faculty and award them with different amounts of scholarship.

Academic Improvement Award
One student with significant improvement in academic results is also chosen from each faculty in each class.

Best Attendance Award
We also pick three students with the best attendance record from each faculty to receive this award and the amount of the award varies according to their attendance records.

A sponsorship to students who have achieved outstanding academic results with financial difficulties.